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Product Details

Ao Vivo by Marcos Valle and Stacey Kent
Ao Vivo by Marcos Valle and Stacey Kent at Eastwind Import
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Artist/Band:Marcos Valle and Stacey Kent
Name:Ao Vivo
Cat No.:SICP-4068
Performed by:Marcos Valle (arranger,piano,vocal)
Stacey Kent (vocal)
Jim Tomlinton (tenor sax)
Jesse Sadoc (arranger,flugelhorn,trumpet)
Marcelo Martins (flute,tenor sax)
Aldivas Ayres (trombone)
Luiz Brasil (guitar)
Alberto Continentino (bass)
Renato "Massa" Calmon (drums)
Release Date:03/05/2014
Description:For someone who the music of Marcos Valle, a beloved Brazilian singer-songwriter, and the voice of jazz singer Stacey Kent, this live album is a gift from heaven! As a connoiseur of the bossa nova, Stacey Kent has always admired Marcos Valle. Valle, as it happens, was a big fan of hers. In 2011, a music festival brought them--and Kent's husband and tenor saxophonist Jim Tomlinton--together on stage in Rio de Janeiro. Their chemistry was so great that they toured Brazil together the following year. This CD is the result of that tour, a live set recorded at a club in Rio in April, 2012, and was released in Brazil in 2013 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Valle's debut.

Stacey sings all but one songs--the opener is an instrumental--in English, Portugese, and French. Valle joins her on vocals on a few songs but mostly he plays the acoustic piano--beautifully--and leaves the vocal duties to Kent. Tomlinton adds to the proceedings his smooth and lyrical, Getz-esque playing. The compositions are all Valle's, of course, and includes familiar hits like "Summer Samba," "The Answer," and "Batucada." The original melodies are enhanced by tasteful and sophisticated arrangements so that they don't feel dated at all. Indeed, they strike me as surprisingly fresh and utterly beautiful.

This Japanese edition CD includes a bonus track "Viola Enluarada," which is, indeed, one of the highlights of the program. Recommended!

Recorded live at Miranda in Rio de Janeiro in April, 2012. Originally released in Brazil in 2013. This Japanese edition CD released by Sony Music Japan in March, 2014.
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Album Tracks:
1. The White Puma
2. Look Who's Mine
3. The Face I Love
4. The Answer
5. Drift Away
6. Summer SambaMP3 Sample
7. Gente
8. Passa Por Mim
9. Batucada
10. La Petite Valse
11. If You Went Away
12. PIgmaliao 70
13. The Crickets
14. She Told Me, She Told MeMP3 Sample
15. Viola EnluaradaMP3 Sample
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